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bionic surface technologies GmbH (BST)

Partner Specialised in

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Microfluidic flow Design and Simulation

Leading Edge in Microfluidic Device Simulation

BST is pivotal as the simulation and design partner for all microfluidic devices across various application fields in the project. Based in Graz, Austria, BST is a leader in Riblets, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and testing, with a high-performance data center and a wealth of experience in microstructures. Their responsibilities include both the design and simulation of microfluidic flows using CAD, CFD, and multiphysics simulation (flow, diffusion, heat transfer, and reaction kinetics). Additionally, BST plays a key role in standardizing the simulation process for microfluidic components and developing a standardized background library to accelerate future sensor development. This involves understanding new microfluidic designs' functionality and optimizing or redesigning existing designs.

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