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Fusing Innovation with Strategic Execution

Our team of experts offers advice in all areas of microfluidics to provide you with customised, practical and scalable solutions 

Header Foto of Technical Consulting for Microfluidic Development at MIH.
​Bridging Innovation and Implementation

Microfluidic Mastery:
Design, Innovation, and Collaboration for Scalable Success

Design for Manufacturing

Transforming complex microfluidic designs into scalable production realities - MIH's Design for Manufacturing expertise ensures that your innovations are not just visionary, but fully manufacturable at scale.

Feasibility Studies

MIH Feasibility Studies are your essential step in assessing whether your innovative microfluidic designs will meet manufacturing requirements, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to production.

Expert Workshops

Improve your team's microfluidics expertise with MIH's customised workshops. Dive deep into product requirements and process development to unlock innovation and streamline your microfluidic device production.

Collaborative Networks

Unlock the potential of your microfluidic projects with MIH's dedicated network of experts. From early development to seamless production, we connect you with the ideal partners and provide expert guidance every step of the way.

Project Management

Navigate the complexities of microfluidic collaborations with MIH's expert project management. From coordinating multidisciplinary partnerships to ensuring precise deliverables, we're your bridge from concept to production.

Recent Projects by MIH

Discover how our consulting services have driven progress in microfluidics through detailed case studies showcasing our work with industry leaders and research institutes.

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