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Accelerate your Microfluidic Innovation
Scope of the Open Call

Accelerate the development and commercialization of your microfluidic solution by leveraging the expertise of the  NextGenMicrofluidics (NGM) Consortium.


The Open Call is managed by the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), a non-profit association established by the NGM Consortium to act as a single entry point for all NGM related services.

How to apply in 2 steps


Step 1: Review the Open Call details

Step 2: Provide your company details and a short executive summary of your project

Thank you! Check your inbox for confirmation mail!


Call opening: OPEN NOW

Applications will be continuously reviewed

Last cut-off date: 26th January 2024

Financial Benefits

The NGM Open Call offers access to funding vouchers of up to EUR 200.000. European SMEs and LEs may receive a subsidy of up to 92% and 50% respectively.

Please note that the financial support will only be used to finance services provided by the NGM consortium. i.e. the applicant will not receive any direct financial support.

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