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We develop and produce customized
microfluidic lab-on-a-foil systems.

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Bonding simulation of AG-AK interaktion on a microfluidic chip by microfuidics innovation hub.

Assay development

  • Biochemical assay development based on aptamers, antibodies, nucleic acids, enzymes and others

  • Transfer of existing lab-based protocols (ELISA, LAMP, PCR, etc.) into a microfluidic system

  • Molecular diagnostics assay development for infectious and inherited diseases

  • Assay optimization/customization for microfluidic chip integration​

PLab bottels for chemicals needed to imprint materials for microfluidic chip systems.


Imprinting materials with customizable properties

  • Surface energy adjustment (hydrophobic – hydrophilic)

  • Viscosity, elasticity, refractive indexScratch resistance

  • Recyclability & compostability

  • Biomaterials (printable bioinks, thin coatings, scaffolds, hydrogels)

  • Stimuli-sensitive hydrogels


  •  (Biodegradable) thermoplastics 

  • COC substrates of any color

  • Glass

  • Nanoparticle doped membranes

Microfluidic tools by microfluidic innovation hub.


  • Photolithography (deep structure 1D, two Layer, 2.5D, DUV, DRIE)

  • Micromilling 2.5D masters

  • Ni or polymer imprinting tools (up to sqm)

  • Shim & sleeve welding

Liquid and pressure flow simulation in an microfluidic chip by microfluidic innovation hub partners.

Design & Simulation

  • Microfluidic design library accelerates time to samples

  • Multiphysics simulation (flow, diffusion, species, particles,..)  

  • Simulation of fluid dynamics (CFD) to optimise design

  • Optical simulations to increase S/N

  •  Layout for photomasks & imprinting tools

Chip-on-a-foil system by Microfluidics Innovation Hub ans Next Gen Microfluidics


Large Scale Production

  • R2R UV Nano imprint lithography (UV resins)

  • R2R extrusion coating (thermoplastics)

Design Rules

  • Channel width/ depth: mm/200μm

  • Aspect ratio: 1:1

  • Total thickness: 50 μm – 250 μm

  • Exceeding dimensions to be discussed

Medium Scale

  • Injection molding 

  • Hot embossing


  • Micromilling

Surface functionalisation for microfluidic lab-on-a-foil and lab-on-a-chip systems by microfluidic innovation hub.

Surface Functionalization

Bio Functionalization

  • R2R micro spotting

  • Covalent immobilization on foil substrates (sciPOLY3D)

  • Physisorption, chemisorption, bioconjugation techniques

Chemical Fuctionalization

  • Plasma & Corona treatment

  • Sterilization

  • Chemical functionalization of polymer substrates (COC, COP, PS, PLA and others)

  • Orientated immobilization of biomolecules on surfaces

Electric sensors for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip approach by microfluidica innovation hub.

Electrodes & Sensors

  • Integration of screen printed electrodes on flexible substrates

  • Integration of sensing elements on a chip

Microscope image of a microfluidic chip inlet from microfluidic innovation hub.

Backend Processes


  • UV bonding

  • Solvent bonding

  • Ultrasonic bonding

  • Glue bonding Assembly

  • Foils to rigid parts (e.g. foil to microtiter plates)

Medium Scale

  • Injection molding 

  • Hot embossing Prototyping

  • Micromilling



  • Chip cutting with high-energy pulse laser Inlet Cutting

  • Packaging 

  • Ultrashort pulse laser

  • Aluminium pouches under  cleanroom conditions





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