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Achieve High Production Rates with Injection Molding

Injection molding is a key technology for the mass production of microfluidic chips. Thermoplastic materials are melted and injected under high pressure into customised molds. Precisely manufactured tools allow feature sizes in the low micrometre range.

Maximized Throughput

Injection molding excels in producing large quantities of microfluidic chips efficiently, ensuring you can meet demand without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Stay on Budget

Ideal for large-scale production, this method keeps costs in check, ensuring your project progresses smoothly and economically.

Injection molding parts for microfluidic chip reproduction at microfluidics innovation hub.

Injection Molding

Maximise the success of your microfluidic device by integrating design for manufacture from the outset. Our design for manufacturing service help you perfect your microfluidic design for injection moulding replication, ensuring cost efficiency and compliance with technical standards.

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Design for Manufacturing Service

Injection molded microfluidic chip ready assembled - microfluidic innovation hub.

One of the significant advantages of injection molding is the diversity of thermoplastic materials available. This allows for the customization of physical, chemical, and optical properties of the microfluidic chips to meet the exact requirements of your project.

Material Selection

Material selection icon to show broad spectrum of materials capable for microfluidic lab-on-a-chip injection molding manufacturing at Microfluidics Innovation Hub.

The flexibility in device design offered by injection molding is unmatched. Whether your application requires unique geometries or specific functionality, injection molding can accommodate a wide variety of needs, empowering innovation in microfluidic technology.

Versatile Design

Versatile Design icon to demonstrate the spectrum of design for injection molded microfluidic lab-on-a-chip at microfluidic innovation hub.

Injection molded microfluidic chips benefit from the inherent strength of thermoplastics, resulting in devices that are durable and resistant to chemical and thermal stresses. This ensures long-term reliability in diverse applications.

Enhanced Durability

Durability icon for enhanced durability of injection molded microfluidic chips.

Explore the Power of Injection Molding for Microfluidic Chips

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Download Specs
Injection molding microfluidic chip manufacturing method specification sheet - mock-up by MicrofluidicsInnovationHub.

Considerations for Choosing Injection Molding for Microfluidic Chip Production

The design of the mold is critical for the successful production of microfluidic chips. Consider the complexity of the microfluidic designs you intend to produce, including the precision of features and the ability of the molding process to accurately replicate these features.

Mold Design

Consider the lead time for mold design, production setup, and the actual manufacturing process. Injection molding can offer rapid production once the mold is created, but the initial setup time should be accounted for in your project timeline.

Lead Time

Evaluate the range of thermoplastic materials available for injection molding to ensure they meet the specific requirements of your application, such as chemical resistance, optical clarity, and biocompatibility.

Material Compatibility

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