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Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH)

We get microfluidics rolling

Welcome to the Microfluidics Innovation Hub – your gateway to the future of lab-on-a-chip technology. As the vibrant core of the European project NextGenMicrofluidics, we've transcended beyond our initial EU H2020 funding roots to offer an expansive suite of services and expertise.

Our Vision

At the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, we harness cutting-edge product development, OEM platforms, and expert consulting to advance your microfluidic ventures. Our consortium of top European experts guides your project from concept to mass production, integrating advanced services in assay development and material selection.

We champion innovation through collaboration, knowledge, and customization, enriching the microfluidic landscape with insights from our blogs, events, and collaborative projects. Join us in shaping the future of microfluidics.

Meet the driving force behind MIH

At Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), our strength lies in our team. We are a diverse group of passionate professionals dedicated to advancing microfluidic technologies. From visionary scientists and experienced engineers to creative marketers and dedicated support staff, every member of the MIH family brings unique skills and insights.

Ronald Tingl 

Ronald, our General Manager, steers MIH with the precision of a seasoned sailor and the foresight of a fine wine connoisseur. Candid and structured, he keeps our innovation journey firmly on course, regardless of the weather!

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Divesh Baxani-Kamal

Divesh, our Technical Program Manager, orchestrates customer projects with the harmony of a maestro. Living in sunny Spain, he enjoys gourmet feasts and perfecting details, always with impeccable hair.

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Stefan Köstler

Stefan, our Business Development Manager, scales the heights of microfluidics knowledge as expertly as he does mountains. With coffee in hand and always the last to retire on trips, he's our indispensable encyclopedia for innovations and network connections.

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Nina Gottstein

Nina, our Technical Marketing Manager from Bavaria, stylishly blends biochemistry with marketing savvy. Always eager to learn and connect, she translates science into common terms over a good Bavarian beer, with her loyal dog by her side at the office

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We cover the entire microfluidic value chain

The #MIHfamily

Our Handpicked Partners

The #MIHfamily, a consortium of Europe's finest microfluidic experts, stands ready to guide your journey from concept to mass manufacturing, with specialized services in assay development, material selection, advanced manufacturing techniques and more.

Recent Projects with #MIHfamily Members

Discover how #MIHfamily services have driven progress in microfluidics through detailed case studies.

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