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Assay Development for Microfluidic Systems

Explore our cutting-edge solutions in biochemical assay development, where we specialize in transitioning traditional lab protocols to microfluidic systems. We deliver innovative molecular diagnostics and tailored assay optimizations, ensuring reliability, high specificity, and seamless integration into microfluidic chips.

Innovative Solutions in Biochemical Assay Development and Microfluidics

Assay Optimization for Microfluidics

Foto of molecular assay pipetting in microtiter plate.

The integration of assays into microfluidic chips requires not just a transfer, but a reinvention. We optimize and customize assays for seamless integration with microfluidic chips, ensuring compatibility, stability, and performance

Protocol Transfer and Integration

Foto of molecular assay trensfered and integrated to microfluidic chip. Foto by joanneum research.

Transitioning from traditional lab-based protocols to advanced microfluidic systems is a keystone of our service offering. We adeptly convert established assays, such as ELISA, LAMP, PCR, into optimized microfluidic formats, enhancing efficiency and throughput.

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