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Expert Back-End Services for Microfluidic Chip Production

Elevate Your Microfluidics with Our Expert Back-end Services

Discover MIH's advanced back-end services, engineered to enhance microfluidic chip manufacturing processes. With a focus on precision and reliability, our expertise in assembly, singulation, and packaging solutions ensures optimal performance for diverse microfluidic applications.

Enhance Your Microfluidic Production with Our Expert Back-End Services


Stock foto of example packaging for microfluidic devices.

Rely on our packaging solutions to safeguard device integrity during storage and transit. Utilizing controlled environments and aluminum packaging, we ensure protection against environmental factors.

Inlet Cutting

Foto of Microfluidic lab-on-foil chips during inlet cutting vial laser cutting at joanneum research - a microfluidics innovation hub member.

Benefit from specialized solutions for inlet cutting tailored to microfluidic platforms. Using ultrashort pulse laser technology, we ensure precise and clean cuts for optimal device functionality.

Singulation Services

Foto of uv-nil microfluidic chips after singulation. Foto by Joanneum Research, a microfluidics innovation hub member.

Experience precision with our singulation services, utilizing high-energy pulse lasers for accurate chip cutting. Our methods ensure contamination-free separation of microfluidic devices, simplifying downstream processing.

Assembly Solutions

Foto of technician, working on microfluidic assembly.

Explore our expertise in assembling microfluidic devices, ensuring robustness by seamlessly integrating foils with rigid substrates like microtiter plates. Our advanced methodologies guarantee consistent performance across various applications.

Contact us today and together we will evaluate which manufacturing process best suits your microfluidic needs! 

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