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NGM Open Call: Revolutionizing Bacterial Detection - SensipDx Lab-on-a-Cartridge Technology

Microfluidics Innovation Hub and SensipDx collaborate for the development of an innovative Bacterial detection lab-on-a-cartridge device.

The New Era of Bacterial Detection: SensipDx Lab-on-a-Cartridge

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of SensipDx, where a groundbreaking collaboration with MIH partners is redefining the approach to bacterial detection. This alliance is spearheading the development of a lab-on-a-cartridge system, offering a promising solution for rapid, accurate, and on-site bacterial diagnosis.

The Challenge with Traditional Methods

Traditional bacterial detection techniques like plate-counting are not only slow but often require off-site processing. This presents significant logistical challenges, especially in critical sectors like food safety, where timely results are crucial.

Game-Changing: SensipDx Lab-on-a-Cartridge Technology

SensipDx introduces a revolutionary lab-on-a-cartridge technology, a compact system that simplifies the detection process. This technology integrates advanced Surface-Imprinted Polymers (SIPs) and Thermal Wave Transfer Analysis (TWTA), offering:

SensipDx Bacterial Detection device, based on lab-on-a-cartridge.
  • High sensitivity and specificity for various bacterial strains

  • Ability to differentiate between live and dead bacteria

  • Efficient processing of complex samples such as milk, juice, and blood

The Compact and User-Friendly Design

This mini-lab concept encapsulates SensipDx's SIP sensors and TWTA technology into a user-friendly cartridge. The system's design ensures that the entire bacterial detection process is seamless, fast, and accurate, with data analyzed via the cloud for swift results.

Collaborative Efforts and Project Goals

SensipDx's collaboration with MIH partners isn't just about technological innovation. It's about achieving a balance between technical and commercial viability, focusing on assay performance, sample processing speed, multiplexing, calibration, and cost-effectiveness. The partnership is dedicated to optimizing the product development cycle and exploring market implementation strategies.

A Step Towards a Bacteria-Free Future

With the introduction of the lab-on-a-cartridge system, SensipDx and its partners are setting a new standard in bacterial detection. This innovation marks the beginning of a new chapter, leading us towards a future where rapid and reliable bacterial detection is the norm.

Stay tuned!

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