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  • Test Strip Design

  • Printed Electrochemical Sensors

  • Sensor ntegration and Industrialization

#MIHfamily member
Erba Technologies Austria GmbH (ERBA)

Advancing Home Health Monitoring Systems

As part of the Erba Mannheim Group, they focus on delivering innovative, sustainable, and affordable in-vitro diagnostics solutions globally. In the project, Erba's work centers around microfluidic test strip design, production of printed electrochemical sensors, and system integration and industrialization. Demo Case 3 sees them developing smart sensor test strips for the electrochemical measurement of potassium in blood samples, incorporating advanced functionalities like separation membranes and passive valves. Additionally, they focus on upscaling the fabrication process of these sensors and their integration into microfluidic systems to form complete sensor test strip devices. They also work on manufacturing conductive layers for electronic readout and integration of semiconductor chips for data processing and transmission.

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