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Enzyre's Chemiluminescent Microfluidic Platform: A New Era in Personalized Diagnostics

Enzyre's Chemiluminescent Microfluidic Platform: A New Era in Personalized Diagnostics - developed with Microfluidics Innovation Hub - Open Call

Innovative Diagnostics Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

At Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), we are thrilled to welcome Enzyre to our family of pioneering science and technology innovators. Enzyre, a trailblazer in the field of diagnostic solutions, is set to redefine personalized medicine with their groundbreaking approach.

What Does Enzyre Do?

Enzyre is developing a novel diagnostic platform, leveraging chemiluminescence-based technology for point-of-care testing. Their mission focuses on enabling personalized medicine through innovative diagnostics. The EnzySystem, their flagship technology, utilizes a disease specific multichannel microfluidic cartridge with unique sensor-technology, the EnzyCard, and a sophisticated processing unit, the EnzyPad. Together with a blood collection device, the EnzySystem facilitates the simultaneous measurement of multiple coagulation markers from just a single blood drop, a breakthrough in near-patient testing and disease management.

Targeting Unmet Needs in Coagulation Disorders

Enzyre's technology is particularly transformative for patients with unexplained bleeding and patients with coagulation disorders. Enzyres technology offers a self-test platform allowing individual patients to adapt personalized medicine strategy and paves the way for healthcare professionals to diagnose patients with unexplained bleeding conditions.

The Special Approach of Enzyre

The backbone of Enzyre's innovation is its patented chemiluminescent technology, integrated into a microfluidic cartridge design. This design features a multichannel and multisensor system, ensuring high sensitivity and specificity in coagulation marker detection. The technology is positioned to transform how coagulation disorders are diagnosed and managed, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for patients and healthcare providers alike.

How MIH Empowers Enzyre's Vision

We provide Enzyre with access to cutting-edge microfluidic technology, fostering the evolution of their diagnostic platform. Through this collaboration, Enzyre can leverage our extensive network and technological prowess to refine their product, ensuring it meets the highest standards of precision and reliability.

Bringing Science Closer to Society

As Enzyre joins the #MIHfamily, we are not just celebrating a new member but also a shared commitment to bringing science closer to society. Their innovative approach in diagnostic solutions aligns perfectly with our mission at MIH - to bridge the gap between advanced scientific research and real-world applications that enhance everyday lives.

Together, we look forward to a future where personalized medicine is not just a concept but a reality, accessible to everyone. Welcome to the family, Enzyre!


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