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Prognostic Healthcare Innovation: Multiplex Detection of Inflammatory Biomarkers for Patient Triage

NGM funded project managed by Microfluidics Innovation Hub for Virogates focusing on PoC test towards multiplex detection of inflammatory biomarkers for critical care patient triaging.

Get to know ViroGates

ViroGates logo on microfluidics innovation hub blog about  Multiplex Detection of Inflammatory Biomarkers for Patient Triage

ViroGates is an international in vitro diagnostics company headquartered in Denmark and listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Copenhagen, ticker “VIRO”. The company specializes in developing and marketing prognostic products for the healthcare sector.

Their products are primarily used in emergency departments to improve clinical decisions on hospitalization or discharge of acute medical patients. By using their products, hospitals can achieve better clinical outcomes, faster discharge, and optimize healthcare resources. The products can also be used for the prognosis of lifestyle-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

ViroGates’ suPARnostic® product range measures the level of suPAR (Soluble urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor) protein in the bloodstream. An elevated suPAR levels is associated with a broad range of acute and chronic health issues, including short-term mortality. A low suPAR level is associated with a good prognosis and a low risk of short-term mortality. suPARnostic® provides quick health assessment in only 10-20 minutes via simple blood sampling.

ViroGates discovered the NGM Open Call opportunity through their development partner and MIH member, GENSPEED Biotech. Their goal is to take an existing product and transform it into a higher-value product with more biomarkers while optimizing its manufacturing process. By participating in the Open Call, ViroGates plans to expand their product range with more markers, making it more attractive to healthcare providers. This will not only improve the product's performance but also reduce manufacturing costs, which is crucial as healthcare providers are struggling to afford diagnostics. ViroGates is eagerly anticipating the chance to fully realize this development opportunity and bring a new product to market.

Stay tuned for updates on the ViroGates project and check out the 2-Page Reference Case data sheet below.


DOWNLOAD the 2-page data sheet to find out more about the project:

Reference Case_ViroGates
Download PDF • 1.22MB


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