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Revolutionizing Antibody Discovery: VERAXA Biotech's Microfluidic Marvel

VERAXA collaborates with Microfluidics Innovation Hub to perfect and mass-produce the microfluidic sorting chip for their HITMASTER.

Revolutionizing Antibody Discovery: VERAXA Biotech's Microfluidic Marvel

Monoclonal antibodies stand as a promising frontier in contemporary medicine, offering hope in the fight against infectious diseases, as well as leading the way in the development of cancer immunotherapies and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). With the mAb market set to burgeon to an estimated USD 260 billion by 2025, the quest for the next therapeutic breakthrough is more fervent than ever. At the heart of this quest is the innovation-driven VERAXA Biotech GmbH, a name synonymous with the avant-garde microfluidic droplet-based screening platform – a revolution in functional antibody discovery that internalize or modulate receptor activity.  

Veraxas HITMASTER - microfluidic droplet sorting device for antibody discovery - collaboration with MIH for microfluidic chip mass production.

Imagine a world where the most elusive antibodies are not just a possibility, but a tangible reality within a day's work. VERAXA's proprietary 'HITMASTER' platform transforms this into an everyday feat, screening millions of antibody-secreting cells with unparalleled precision and speed. This is where potential turns into prowess, where therapeutic candidates emerge not by the dozens, but by the droves.

In this visionary journey, the role of Microfluidics Innovation Hub is pivotal. As VERAXA Biotech’s strategic partner, MIH is instrumental in transcending the prototype and ushering in an era of scalable production for the essential microfluidic droplet sorting chip – the cornerstone of VERAXA’s screening marvel.

The Perfect Union: VERAXA’s Expertise Meets MIH’s Ingenuity

VERAXA seeks not just to innovate, but to elevate. Their collaboration with MIH is anchored in the shared goal to perfect and mass-produce the microfluidic sorting chip, essential for sorting at an ambitious rate of 500 chips per year. The priority? A disposable, single-use chip that promises purity and precision, circumventing the risk of carry-over contamination.

The desired outcome materializes as a trifecta of challenges turned into triumphs:

  1. A scalable method to integrate sorting electrodes, indispensable for distinguishing the next blockbuster therapeutic antibody.

  2. A reliable approach to embed impedance electrodes at scale, ensuring each candidate's viability is assessed with rigorous exactitude.

  3. The development of fluidic connectors that promise minimal droplet loss because every potential therapy counts.

Functional validation of the product is the cornerstone of our collaboration, testing everything from microfluidic dynamics to impedance measurements, from droplet sorting accuracy to ease of use that will streamline workflows in laboratories around the world.

Timeline to Triumph

In our strategic partnership with VERAXA, we're focused on delivering timely advancements in microfluidic technologies. Our carefully crafted plan is built upon key milestones that showcase our dedication to precision, operational excellence, and scalable solutions.

At MIH, our deep understanding of microfluidics complements VERAXA’s specialized insights into therapeutic discovery. Together, we're poised to contribute significantly to the field of healthcare.

Stay tuned as we navigate this exciting venture, bridging innovation with impact, and paving the way for a future where every therapeutic potential is within our grasp.


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