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Roll-to-Roll Efficient and Scalable Solution

Chips per year with Roll-to-Rol

Roll-to-Roll manufacturing stands out as a preferred method due to its high throughput, cost-effectiveness, versatility, scalability, consistent quality, energy efficiency, speed to market, and its role in fostering innovation across various industries.

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High Throughput

​Ideal for mass production of flexible electronics, printed electronics, and flexible solar cells.


Reduces manufacturing costs due to increased automation and decreased material waste.






Methods that cross this line

are suitable for prototyping and production

Roll-to-Roll replication is the ideal choice when you require efficient and scalable microfluidic consumables manufacturing. It's well-suited for projects involving large quantities, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality.

Why Roll-to-Roll?


R2R processes are highly scalable, allowing for the cost-effective mass production of microfluidic devices.

High Throughput

The continuous nature of R2R fabrication enables high-throughput production.


R2R can be used with a variety of flexible substrates, including polymers and flexible electronics, allowing for versatile design options.


Efficient processes minimize production costs, making it a budget-friendly option for large-scale projects.

Rapid Prototyping

R2R can be used for rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices before transitioning to large-scale manufacturing.

Key Benefits of Roll-to-Roll Microfluidic Manufacturing:

Production Volume

Material Compatibility

Precision & Feature Size

Cycle Time

Cost Effectiveness

Surface Quality


Lead Time

Limitations and Considerations

  • The setup process for Roll-to-Roll Replication can be intricate, especially for custom projects with specific design requirements. Initial setup may require significant time and resources.

  • Roll-to-Roll Replication is optimized for certain types of microfluidic designs and geometries. Highly complex or intricate structures may require specialized adaptation.

  • While Roll-to-Roll Replication is cost-effective for high-volume production, the initial setup costs can be substantial. It may not be suitable for small-scale or prototype projects with limited budgets.

  • Roll-to-Roll Replication is compatible with various materials, but the choice should align with the intended application. Material selection is critical to ensure compatibility with fluids and samples that will flow through the microchannels.

  • Creating the necessary tooling and preparing for Roll-to-Roll Replication may result in longer lead times, which should be factored into project timelines.

  • Maintaining consistent quality across a large batch of replicated microfluidic chips requires rigorous......

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We've selectively partnered with industry leaders known for their expertise in Roll-to-Roll processes. These companies employ advanced precision methods to faithfully replicate intricate microstructures, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability in our offerings.

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