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  • Biofunctionalization

  • Surface modification

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Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TEC)

Crafting the Future of Biofunctional Surfaces

TEC focuses on (bio)functionalization of surfaces, bioanalytical assays, design and integration of electrodes on flexible substrates, and the development of electrical and optical detection and acquisition modules. As Spain's leading private and independent research organization, TECNALIA is involved in four Demo Cases, leading two of them. Their activities include developing biosensing electrodes, biofunctionalization of polymeric surfaces, and designing wearable Li+ concentration monitoring devices. TECNALIA's approach involves surface modification, bioanalytical assay adaptation, and the development of optical detection modules, contributing significantly to the project's innovation and practical application.

Illustration of EXIAS Medical’s microfluidic chip and its integration into the blood analysis device.

Tackling Microfluidic Challenges with EXIAS Medical's Advanced Blood Analysis Device

EXIAS Medical, in partnership with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, is advancing blood analysis with a microfluidic chip that measures critical blood parameters. This project tackles air bubble formation in microfluidic channels, enhancing sensor accuracy and ensuring reliable point-of-care diagnostics.

Illustration of mepro sperm selection chip working principle.

Revolutionizing IVF Success with MEPROlife's SpermSort Microfluidic Chip

MEPROlife's SpermSort technology revolutionizes sperm selection for assisted reproduction by combining advanced microfluidics with precise molecular diagnostics, significantly increasing pregnancy rates and improving IVF outcomes.

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