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Open Call Project
Enhancing Blood Analysis with EXIAS Medical's Advanced Microfluidic Solutions

Transforming Blood Analysis: EXIAS Medical's Innovative Approach to Diagnostics

Founded in 2014, EXIAS Medical is dedicated to designing and manufacturing cutting-edge point-of-care and laboratory solutions that enhance patient care, reduce costs, and boost operational efficiency for medical institutions. With a strong foundation in In vitro diagnostics (IVD), EXIAS offers a range of high-performance, reliable, and user-friendly products tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Understanding EXIAS Medical's Mission

EXIAS Medical is committed to improving patient outcomes through innovative diagnostic technologies. Specializing in point-of-care solutions, the company provides tools that enable rapid and accurate testing right at the patient’s side. Their product portfolio includes advanced systems designed for comprehensive blood analysis, addressing critical healthcare needs with precision and efficiency.

The Diagnostic Challenge

While developing a new clinical device for comprehensive blood analysis, EXIAS Medical encountered significant issues with the formation and adhesion of air bubbles within the microfluidic channels. These air bubbles interfered with sensor readings, compromising the reliability of the system. To address this challenge, EXIAS turned to the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH) through the NGM Open Call, seeking technical expertise and advanced solutions.

EXIAS Medical's Innovative Approach

EXIAS Medical’s device integrates a sophisticated microfluidic chip designed to measure a range of critical blood parameters, including:

  • Blood Gases: Oxygen (O₂), carbon dioxide (CO₂), and pH levels, crucial for assessing respiratory and metabolic status.

  • Electrolytes: Sodium (Na⁺), potassium (K⁺), calcium (Ca²⁺), and chloride (Cl⁻), essential for diagnosing and managing various medical conditions.

  • Lactate Levels: Important for indicating tissue oxygenation and identifying conditions like sepsis or hypoxia.

  • Hematocrit and Hemoglobin: Key for evaluating oxygen-carrying capacity and overall blood health.

The project with MIH aims to resolve the technical challenges related to air bubble formation, ensuring consistent and reliable sensor performance.

Discover the advancements in blood analysis

Discover the advancements in blood analysis with EXIAS Medical’s innovative diagnostic device! Contact us today to learn how our cutting-edge microfluidic technology can improve patient care and enhance the efficiency of medical diagnostics.

Illustration of EXIAS Medical’s microfluidic chip and its integration into the blood analysis device.

Develop a reliable microfluidic platform for comprehensive blood analysis.
Eliminate air bubble formation to ensure accurate sensor readings.
Optimize surface modifications and fluid dynamics within the microfluidic channels.


Simulation and Analysis: BST conducts fluid dynamics simulations to model and mitigate bubble formation.
Surface Modification: BRFAA and JR develop specialized coatings to alter surface energies and prevent bubble adhesion.
Prototyping and Testing: JR and TEC handle the rapid prototyping and testing of modified microfluidic channels.


Accurate measurement of blood gases, electrolytes, lactate, hematocrit, and hemoglobin.
Consistent and reliable sensor performance by preventing air bubble formation.
User-friendly design that integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

  • Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA): Developed surface coatings to prevent bubble formation on channel surfaces.

  • Bionic Surface Technologies GmbH (BST): Conducted fluid dynamics simulations to identify and mitigate critical areas of bubble formation.

  • Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (JR): Provided expertise in thin-film deposition and surface modification to improve fluidic performance.

  • Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation (TEC): Contributed advanced surface treatment techniques and material optimization for the microfluidic channels.

Partners Involved

Get more Insights

Stay tuned as EXIAS Medical and MIH continue to innovate in blood analysis technology. Explore how our joint efforts are transforming diagnostic solutions and improving patient care across medical institutions.

Services and Technologies

The collaboration with MIH and its members has significantly advanced the development of EXIAS Medical's innovative blood analysis device. By addressing the challenge of air bubble formation, the project has improved the reliability and accuracy of the sensor readings. This breakthrough positions EXIAS Medical to bring their enhanced device to market, offering robust and efficient diagnostics to healthcare providers.

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