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A Look Inside Our Microfluidic Product Design and Development Process: The Case of BioAnalyt

January 20, 2023

Berlin, Germany

We recently had the pleasure of visiting BioAnalyt GmbH’s headquarters in Berlin for a project kick-off meeting. BioAnalyt is a successful recipient of project funding under the NextGenMicrofluidics Open Call initiative. The company has several successful products in the market for food and nutrition analysis and is currently developing an innovative point-of-care product for detecting iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.

Towards this, BioAnalyt has developed a read-out device employing innovative optical analysis methods and have recruited the expertise, product development, and manufacture services of the Microfluidics Innovation Hub for the design and production of the second key component of their product: a disposable blood-sampling microcuvette powered by microfluidics.

The MIH team involved in this project consists of Micronit b.v. for their microfluidic design, prototyping, and backend manufacture services; bionic surface technologies GmbH for their fluid flow simulation capabilities; and Temicon GmbH for their injection-molding manufacture expertise.

During the kick-off meeting, Microfluidics Innovation Hub Technical Program Manager Divesh Baxani Kamal and Micronit Senior R&D Scientist Alvaro J. Conde and R&D Design Engineer Henrieke Meijer visited the facilities to initiate the design documentation, as a first step in the project's development process and a necessary requirement towards ISO13485 certification of the eventual product.

The visit to BioAnalyt was a successful step in the design process of their innovative product. Micronit took the lead in running the customer through the product breakdown structure (PBS) and critical-to-quality breakdown (CTQ) documents. These documents ensure that the team is on the same page regarding each component of the project and how they interact with each other. The documents also provide a hierarchy of specifications and requirements that constitute a successful product in the eyes of the customer and the team.

The visit was an excellent opportunity to thank BioAnalyt for choosing the MIH to help realize its vision. The team looks forward to seeing the product on the market and improving people’s lives.

For more information on how we can provide tailored solutions for your specific microfluidic needs and how we can support your projects through our Open Call initiative, visit the MIH website and connect with us on Linkedin.


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