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MIH at iMNC 2022

November 1, 2022 - November 2, 2022

Enschede, The Netherlands

The iMNC provided a window into the thriving community of microfluidic developers in the Netherlands, and of course an opportunity to convene with our partners at Micronit, in the charming city of Enschede.

It was very interesting to see new potential microfluidic products and systems being developed already within the academic realm, especially within Saxion and Wageningen Universities, including quick tests for forensic applications and home-monitoring systems integrated onto toilets.

From a technology side, we see the rise of ready-to-use, integrated photonic chips as label-free solutions for on-chip biosensing, alongside developments in high-precision microfluidic chip manufacture using glass etching. The IVAM microfluidics session focused on overcoming hurdles towards the scale-up and commercialisation of microfluidic systems, which reinforces our value proposition at the MIH.

It was great to interface with some of our co-exhibitors regarding potential future collaborations in sensing and manufacture, and to be given the opportunity to pitch our services and funding to a wider audience, for which interesting discussions were had with a few microfluidics start-ups present.


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