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INMOLD Presentation at MNE-Eurosensors 2022


Fabrication of film-based microfluidic devices using Roll-to-Roll Extrusion Coating (R2R-EC)

Jan Kafka, Chief Executive Officer, Inmold A/S

Developments in the fields of microfluidics especially in combination with molecular diagnostics are highly interesting for the medical industry. A typical example are point-of-care devices (PoC) that provide locally microfluidic-based medical analysis for everyone in need. However, the addressed market has additional demands such as production of enormous quantities of devices at very low cost.

We present a high-throughput roll-to-roll fabrication method for production of structured film substrates for microfluidic-based diagnostic devices. The platform is highly competitive with industrial surface structuring processes but especially with injection molding through high production volumes, the use of thermoplastic polymers, and adjustable film thicknesses up to 500µm. Examples for the implementation of produced films into life-science applications will be discussed.

Jan Kafka, Chief Executive Officer, Inmold A/S

Jan Kafka has a BSc/MSc in Biosystems technology with a focus on Biosensor applications. During his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Denmark, he focused on polymer structuring and characterization techniques. He started at Inmold A/S in 2013 and is leading the company as CEO since 2018.

Download the presentation here:

Jan Kafka_MNE Eurosensors2022_NextGenMicrofluidics
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