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LUMICKS: Advancing Single-Molecule Research with Dynamic Microfluidic Solutions

NGM open Call project with LUMICKS for advancing single-molecule research with dynamic microfluidic solutions, managed by Microfluidics Innovation Hub.

LUMICKS: Pioneering Dynamic Single-Molecule Research

LUMICKS, a leader in dynamic single-molecule (DSM) research instruments. LUMICKS is revolutionizing the understanding of molecular mechanisms, bridging the gap between structure and function at a molecular level.


LUMICKS' flagship product, the C-Trap optical tweezers platform, is a marvel of innovation. It integrates optical tweezers, fluorescence imaging and microfluidics, enabling researchers in academia and biotech/pharma to observe and quantify molecular interactions like never before. Imagine being able to pick up and examine a single DNA strand, witnessing the dance of proteins along its length in real-time – this is the level of detail the C-Trap offers.

LUMICKS’ Special Approach

LUMICKS stands out with their focus on ease of use and throughput – the combination of state-of-the-art tweezers and imaging with clever microfluidics enables researchers to measure 10 – 100 times more interactions in a day than comparable instruments. Next to optimizing the DNA-protein workflow, LUMICKS now aims to improve the compatibility and throughput of mechanobiology experiments: understanding how mechanical forces at a molecular level influence cellular behaviour and vice versa. Their tools allow precise control and real-time monitoring of these forces and interactions, offering invaluable insights into disease mechanisms and drug effects. The C-Trap is more than an instrument; it's a gateway to uncharted territories in molecular biology.

How the MIH Supports LUMICKS’ Goals

The Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH) is thrilled to collaborate with LUMICKS. Our expertise in microfluidics complements LUMICKS' vision, especially in developing optimized mechanobiology flow cells for the C-Trap. These flow cells are designed for high throughput and consistency, crucial for meaningful scientific discoveries. By joining forces, we aim to enhance the workflow for live cell measurements and push the boundaries of cellular research.

Joining Hands for Scientific Exploration

As LUMICKS becomes part of the #MIHfamily, we're excited to embark on a journey of scientific discovery together. Their pioneering approach in single-molecule research combined with our microfluidics expertise paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in life sciences.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring science to everyone, demonstrating the beauty and intricacies of the microscopic world!


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