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MIH Presentation at BioCHIP Berlin 2023


The Microfluidics Innovation Hub is a single-entry point towards multiple services offered by the NextGenMicrofluidics EU Horizon 2020 consortium, along the value chain of developing microfluidic products. Here, we showcase our technologies in the context of typical service entry points.

One typical entry point is assay transfer, for which we showcase the transfer of immunoassays for clinical and food safety purposes onto point-of-care microfluidic platforms incorporating microfluidic control and readout. We also perform manufacture transfer towards the industrialisation of microfluidic components using high-specification injection-moulding and roll-to-roll manufacture, including CFD-assisted design and surface modification. Finally, we demonstrate our ability to optimise customer microfluidic products, for example in developing CFD-assisted localised surface modification strategies to circumvent bubble formation.

Watch the presentation:

Download the presentation here:

Divesh Baxani Kamal _BioCHIP2023_MIH
Download PDF • 2.76MB


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