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Open Call Project
Enzyre's Groundbreaking Chemiluminescent Microfluidic Platform

Revolutionizing Personalized Diagnostics

Enzyre is on the forefront of redefining personalized medicine with their innovative approach, merging cutting-edge technology and diagnostics to create transformative healthcare solutions.

Enzyre is developing a state-of-the-art diagnostic platform centered around chemiluminescence-based technology for point-of-care testing. Their flagship technology, the EnzySystem, includes a sophisticated microfluidic cartridge (the EnzyCard), a processing unit (the EnzyPad), and a blood collection device. This system allows for the simultaneous measurement of multiple coagulation markers from a single drop of blood, providing an unprecedented advancement in near-patient testing and disease management.

Enzyre's EnzySystem leverages a multichannel microfluidic cartridge integrated with unique chemiluminescent sensor technology. This patented technology enables the detection of specific coagulation markers with high sensitivity and specificity. The system is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, making it an ideal solution for both patients and healthcare providers.

  1. EnzyCard: The disposable microfluidic cartridge containing the necessary reagents and sensors.

  2. EnzyPad: The portable processing unit that reads and processes data from the EnzyCard.

  3. Blood Collection Device: A device for safe and precise blood sample collection, facilitating easy use for patients at home or in clinical settings.

Enzyre’s technology is particularly impactful for patients suffering from unexplained bleeding or coagulation disorders. The EnzySystem provides a self-test platform that supports personalized medicine strategies, enabling patients to better manage their conditions and allowing healthcare professionals to diagnose coagulation disorders more accurately and efficiently.

At the core of Enzyre's innovation is its patented chemiluminescent technology. This technology is embedded into a microfluidic cartridge designed for high precision and reliability. The multi-channel and multi-sensor system ensures detailed and accurate detection of coagulation markers, revolutionizing how these disorders are diagnosed and managed.

Discover the Future of Diagnostics

Unlock the future of personalized diagnostics with Enzyre’s cutting-edge technology. Send us your inquiry today to learn how our chemiluminescent microfluidic platform can elevate your diagnostic capabilities and transform patient care.

Image of Enzyre microfluidic Point-of-Care device for detection of multiple coagulation markers from a single blood drop.

Develop a multi-channel microfluidic cartridge for precise, near-patient diagnostic testing.
Facilitate the detection of multiple coagulation markers from a single blood drop.
Ensure user-friendly and reliable diagnostics for personalized medicine applications.


Technical Management: MIH coordinates project activities, ensuring smooth progress and communication.
Microfluidic Cartridge Design: MIC leads the design and prototyping of the EnzyCard.
Sensor Technology Development: SCI focuses on the development and optimization of the chemiluminescent sensors.
Fluidic System Optimization: BST provides fluidic simulation to enhance the performance and efficiency of the microfluidic system.


High sensitivity and specificity in detecting coagulation markers.
User-friendly interface for easy use by patients and healthcare providers.
Seamless integration with existing healthcare workflows and data management systems.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

Through our partnership with Enzyre, #MIHfamily provides access to advanced microfluidic technologies and support services to enhance the EnzySystem. Our collaboration helps Enzyre refine and optimize their product, ensuring it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

  • MIH coordinates project activities, ensuring effective communication and planning.

  • Micronit assists in the design and development of microfluidic components.

  • Scienion specializes in the spotting and immobilization of biomolecules on microfluidic chips.

  • Bionic Surface Technologies provides simulation services to optimize the fluidic flow within the system.

Partners Involved

Explore More

Stay updated with our journey as we bring personalized diagnostics to the forefront of healthcare. Explore how Enzyre's technology is making a significant impact in managing coagulation disorders and improving patient outcomes.

Services and Technologies

As part of the #MIHfamily, Enzyre's collaboration with MIH and our partners underscores a shared commitment to advancing personalized medicine through innovative diagnostic solutions.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862092.

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