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Micronit b.v. (MIC)

Microfluidics Tailored for Medical Breakthroughs

Micronit specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies. The company produces lab-on-a-chip products used worldwide for DNA analysis and medical testing. Micronit provides solutions for engineering and manufacturing of microfluidic devices for health and life science applications. Their expertise covers a wide variety of materials, including glass, silicon, polymer, and hybrids.

Projects involved in

Image of Accunea's Kidney Transplants Innovation - microfluidic detection.

Accunea's Kidney Viability Monitoring Device

In a significant advancement for the field of organ transplantation, the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH) is proud to announce a pioneering collaboration with Accunea. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in our endeavor to push the boundaries of healthcare through the integration of innovative microfluidics technology.

Infographic of FluIDect's technology used in their SheroScan system to detect microbes on the spot.

FluIDect's Microfluidic Technology: Revolutionizing Industrial Microbial Detection

In the ever-evolving field of microfluidics, FluIDect is leading the way with groundbreaking technology that is set to revolutionize microbial detection and quality control in industrial environments. This innovation leverages the capabilities of microfluidic technology to introduce a novel sensor system designed for continuous, real-time monitoring of liquid products for specific microbial presence.

Image of DNA and Virus to showcase Scalable Molecular Diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2 with Advanced Microfluidic Chips.

Molecular Diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2

Sensor chip production for a molecular recognition platform in medical diagnostics in general and for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics (both antibody and viral genetic material testing) in particular.

Photo of AcouSort's acoustofluidic chip for cell trapping under a microscope.

Pioneering Exosome Diagnostics: AcouSome - Acoustic Seperation of Extracellular Vesicles

AcouSome, an initiative by AcouSort, is set to change this by introducing an efficient, automated, and precise solution for exosome isolation.

Image of Enzyre microfluidic Point-of-Care device for detection of multiple coagulation markers from a single blood drop.

Enzyre's Chemiluminescent Microfluidic Platform: A New Era in Personalized Diagnostics

Enzyre is revolutionizing personalized diagnostics with its groundbreaking chemiluminescent microfluidic platform, the EnzySystem. This innovative technology enables precise, near-patient testing of multiple coagulation markers from just a single drop of blood, transforming how bleeding disorders are managed and diagnosed.

Photo of VERAXA’s HITMASTER microfluidic droplet sorting device in action.

Revolutionizing Antibody Discovery: VERAXA Biotech's Microfluidic Marvel

VERAXA Biotech GmbH, renowned for their innovative HITMASTER platform, a groundbreaking microfluidic droplet-based screening system that revolutionizes functional antibody discovery.

Illustration of BioAnalyt’s iCheck Anemia device and its microfluidic cuvette in use.

Revolutionizing Iron Deficiency and Anemia Diagnostics: BioAnalyt's Pioneering Point-of-Care Device

BioAnalyt's iCheck Anemia project, developed in collaboration with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, is creating a groundbreaking point-of-care diagnostic device for iron deficiency and anemia. This innovative microfluidic platform enables rapid, accurate, and user-friendly testing using a single drop of blood, revolutionizing early detection and treatment in both clinical and remote settings.

Illustration of Cellsway’s microfluidic CTC chip and its integration into the liquid biopsy platform.

Microfluidics-Enhanced Circulating Tumor Cell Separation Towards Liquid Biopsy Cancer Diagnostics

Cellsway’s microfluidic liquid biopsy platform, developed in collaboration with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, enhances cancer diagnostics by enabling efficient separation and analysis of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood samples. This

Illustration of ViroGates’ multiplex microfluidic chip and its integration into the GENSPEED® xPOC platform.

Advancing Patient Triage with ViroGates' Multiplex Inflammatory Biomarker Detection

ViroGates, an international in vitro diagnostics company based in Denmark, is renowned for its innovative solutions in emergency medicine. Their suPARnostic® product line, used extensively in emergency departments, enhances clinical decisions regarding the hospitalization or discharge of acute medical patients.

Photo of Hycult Biotech’s multiplex microfluidic chip and its integration into the GENSPEED® xPOC platform for CKD diagnostics.

Advancing Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnostics - Hycult Biotech's Complement Biomarker Assay

Hycult Biotech, together with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, is developing a rapid, non-invasive multiplex assay for detecting complement activation markers in chronic kidney disease. This advanced microfluidic platform aims to improve early diagnosis and monitoring, offering a reliable alternative to invasive kidney biopsies

Illustration of mepro sperm selection chip working principle.

Revolutionizing IVF Success with MEPROlife's SpermSort Microfluidic Chip

MEPROlife's SpermSort technology revolutionizes sperm selection for assisted reproduction by combining advanced microfluidics with precise molecular diagnostics, significantly increasing pregnancy rates and improving IVF outcomes.

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