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Open Call Project
Advancing Patient Triage with ViroGates' Multiplex Inflammatory Biomarker Detection

Revolutionizing Emergency Care with ViroGates' Multiplex Biomarker Detection

ViroGates, an international in vitro diagnostics company based in Denmark, is renowned for its innovative solutions in emergency medicine. Their suPARnostic® product line, used extensively in emergency departments, enhances clinical decisions regarding the hospitalization or discharge of acute medical patients. In collaboration with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), ViroGates is expanding their product capabilities to include multiplex detection of inflammatory biomarkers, promising faster, more accurate patient triage in critical care settings.

Understanding ViroGates' Mission

ViroGates specializes in developing and marketing prognostic products that support healthcare providers in making informed decisions about patient care. Their flagship product, suPARnostic®, measures the level of soluble urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) in blood, which is indicative of a range of acute and chronic health issues. High suPAR levels correlate with poor prognosis and increased mortality risk, while low levels are associated with a good prognosis and lower risk of short-term mortality. The suPARnostic® test provides rapid health assessments within 10-20 minutes, enabling timely clinical decision-making.

The Diagnostic Challenge

In emergency departments, timely and accurate diagnosis is crucial for patient outcomes. Traditional methods for assessing inflammation and risk often involve multiple tests and long wait times, which can delay critical decisions. ViroGates aims to overcome these challenges by integrating their suPARnostic® technology with additional biomarkers on a microfluidic platform, enhancing the speed and accuracy of patient assessments.

ViroGates' Innovative Approach

ViroGates’ new project focuses on developing a multiplex detection system that combines their suPARnostic® assay with additional biomarkers such as D-Dimer, Troponin I, and C-Reactive Protein (CRP). The goal is to create a “1-chip-4-all” solution that allows simultaneous detection and quantification of multiple biomarkers from a single blood sample.

Discover the future of PoC!

Discover the future of patient triage with ViroGates’ multiplex biomarker detection technology! Contact us today to learn how our innovative system can enhance clinical decision-making and patient outcomes in emergency care.

Illustration of ViroGates’ multiplex microfluidic chip and its integration into the GENSPEED® xPOC platform.

Develop a multiplex microfluidic platform for simultaneous detection of multiple inflammatory biomarkers.
Integrate CaptSure™ technology for enhanced assay performance and flexibility.
Transition to high-volume, roll-to-roll manufacturing to reduce costs and improve scalability.


Project Management and Communication: GSB coordinates all project activities and ensures seamless collaboration.
Multiplex Assay Development: GSB and BRFAA optimize the detection and quantification of suPAR, D-Dimer, Troponin I, and CRP.
Microfluidic Chip Fabrication: JR, IM, and MIC handle the design, structuring, and assembly of the microfluidic chips using roll-to-roll technology.
Surface Functionalization: BRFAA and JR develop advanced protocols for antibody immobilization to enhance assay sensitivity and reproducibility.


Simultaneous detection of multiple biomarkers including suPAR, D-Dimer, Troponin I, and CRP.
Rapid and accurate results within approximately 20 minutes.
Cost-effective and scalable production through roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques.
User-friendly design compatible with the GENSPEED® xPOC platform for ease of use in clinical settings.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

  • Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH): Provides project management and coordination support.

  • GENSPEED Biotech GmbH (GSB): Manages assay development and optimization, project oversight, and reader customization.

  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH (JR): Specializes in UV-NIL structuring, antibody spotting, and microfluidic chip bonding.

  • Inmold A/S (IM): Focuses on roll-to-roll extrusion coating and chip structuring.

  • Micronit b.v. (MIC): Handles the assembly and post-processing of microfluidic chips.

  • Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens (BRFAA): Develops biofunctionalization protocols for antibody immobilization.

Partners Involved

Unlock Rapid and Accurate Patient Triage

Transform your emergency care with ViroGates' advanced multiplex biomarker detection technology. Discover how the suPARnostic® platform integrates multiple biomarkers to deliver quick and precise patient assessments, enhancing clinical decisions and outcomes.

Services and Technologies

Together with the #MIHfamily, ViroGates is pushing the boundaries of patient triage diagnostics. This collaboration harnesses cutting-edge technology and collective expertise to bring a new level of precision and efficiency to emergency care.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862092.

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