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Masters of High-Throughput Microfluidic Replication

Inmold A/S is a R&D company that specializes in the development of smart process adaptations for established high-throughput fabrication methods, such as injection moulding and R2R replication. Their developed processes allow them to create new revolutionary products suitable for several fields of application.

Lab-on-a-cartridge system showcasing its modular components, sensor region, and various detection capabilities.

Biosensors for Food Safety & Public Health Monitoring

Development of a versatile lab-on-a-cartridge platform for rapid, multiplexed detection of pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza, as well as contaminants in food. This innovative technology aims to enhance public health monitoring and ensure food safety through scalable and cost-effective diagnostics.

Image of DNA and Virus to showcase Scalable Molecular Diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2 with Advanced Microfluidic Chips.

Molecular Diagnostics for SARS-CoV-2

Sensor chip production for a molecular recognition platform in medical diagnostics in general and for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics (both antibody and viral genetic material testing) in particular.

Photo of Novus Dx’s SepTec technology showcasing its components and the process of sepsis pathogen detection.

Revolutionizing Sepsis Diagnostics - The Novus Dx Technology

Novus Dx’s SepTec technology, developed with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, revolutionizes sepsis diagnostics by providing rapid and accurate pathogen detection directly from whole blood in just 15 minutes. This near-patient system combines advanced microfluidic and electrochemical technologies to improve patient outcomes through faster, more reliable sepsis diagnosis.

Illustration of ViroGates’ multiplex microfluidic chip and its integration into the GENSPEED® xPOC platform.

Advancing Patient Triage with ViroGates' Multiplex Inflammatory Biomarker Detection

ViroGates, an international in vitro diagnostics company based in Denmark, is renowned for its innovative solutions in emergency medicine. Their suPARnostic® product line, used extensively in emergency departments, enhances clinical decisions regarding the hospitalization or discharge of acute medical patients.

Photo of Hycult Biotech’s multiplex microfluidic chip and its integration into the GENSPEED® xPOC platform for CKD diagnostics.

Advancing Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnostics - Hycult Biotech's Complement Biomarker Assay

Hycult Biotech, together with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub, is developing a rapid, non-invasive multiplex assay for detecting complement activation markers in chronic kidney disease. This advanced microfluidic platform aims to improve early diagnosis and monitoring, offering a reliable alternative to invasive kidney biopsies

Illustration of mepro sperm selection chip working principle.

Revolutionizing IVF Success with MEPROlife's SpermSort Microfluidic Chip

MEPROlife's SpermSort technology revolutionizes sperm selection for assisted reproduction by combining advanced microfluidics with precise molecular diagnostics, significantly increasing pregnancy rates and improving IVF outcomes.

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