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Open Call Project
VERAXA Biotech's HITMASTER: Transforming Antibody Discovery with Microfluidic Technology

VERAXA Biotech's HITMASTER and Microfluidic Technology

Monoclonal antibodies are at the forefront of modern medicine, pivotal in combating infectious diseases and driving the development of cancer immunotherapies and Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs). With the monoclonal antibody (mAb) market projected to reach USD 260 billion by 2025, the race to discover the next therapeutic breakthrough is more intense than ever. Leading this race is VERAXA Biotech GmbH, renowned for their innovative HITMASTER platform, a groundbreaking microfluidic droplet-based screening system that revolutionizes functional antibody discovery.

VERAXA's HITMASTER platform is a microfluidic marvel, capable of screening millions of antibody-secreting cells with unmatched precision and speed. This platform transforms the traditionally laborious process of antibody discovery into a rapid, high-throughput operation, turning the quest for elusive antibodies into a daily achievement. The HITMASTER uses a disposable, single-use chip to ensure purity and precision, minimizing the risk of contamination and maximizing efficiency.

The platform is set to have a profound impact on the antibody discovery landscape, offering rapid, high-throughput solutions that can significantly shorten the development timeline for new therapeutics. This innovation is crucial for advancing treatments in infectious diseases, oncology, and beyond, ensuring that potential therapies are identified quickly and efficiently.

Join the future of antibody discovery

Join the future of antibody discovery with VERAXA's HITMASTER! Send us your inquiry today to learn how our microfluidic technology can accelerate your therapeutic development and streamline your discovery process.

Photo of VERAXA’s HITMASTER microfluidic droplet sorting device in action.

Develop scalable microfluidic chips for high-throughput antibody discovery.
Ensure single-use design to maintain sample integrity and prevent contamination.
Optimize integration of sorting and impedance electrodes for precise and efficient screening.


Technical Management: MIH provides comprehensive project management and alignment on product requirements.
Microfluidic Chip Design: MIC focuses on rapid prototyping and optimizing chip design for scalable production.
Electrode Integration: TEM develops scalable methods for integrating sorting and impedance electrodes.
Injection Molding and Production: JR and RKT handle the scalable production of chips using advanced injection molding techniques.


High-throughput capabilities for screening millions of cells.
Precise and scalable integration of sorting and impedance electrodes.
Single-use design to prevent carry-over contamination and ensure sample purity.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

  • Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH): Providing overall project management and communication, coordinating all project activities and ensuring smooth execution.

  • Micronit b.v. (MIC)

    • Product Definition and Design for Manufacture (DfM): Collaborating on design adaptations to meet customer requirements and facilitate scalable manufacturing.

    • Rapid Prototyping: Using CNC milling to produce initial prototypes for testing.

    • Backend Services - Bonding: Bonding microfluidic chips to covers or foils using in-house expertise.

    • Design and Production of Interfacing Tools: Developing bespoke fluidic interfacing systems tailored to customer needs.

    • Thin Film Electrode Formation: Testing electrode manufacture on polymers via sputtering or vapor deposition.

  • Joanneum Research (JR):

    • Aerosol Jet Printing of Electrodes: Testing AS-Jet printing on substrates, including pre-treatment, ink selection, and curing.

    • Injection Molding: Manufacturing tools and producing parts using a nickel shim in collaboration with RKT.

  • Temicon GmbH (TEM)

    • Mastering and Electroforming of Injection Molding Inserts: Utilizing UV lithography for microfluidic design and electroforming nickel inserts.

  • RKT (subcontractor): 

    • Injection Molding: Manufacturing injection-molding tools and producing the polymer chips.

Partners Involved

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Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of antibody discovery with VERAXA's innovative HITMASTER platform. Explore how our microfluidic technology is accelerating the path to new therapeutics and transforming the landscape of medical research.

Services and Technologies

The strategic partnership with MIH is essential for advancing VERAXA’s HITMASTER platform. MIH’s expertise in fluidic chip design and polymer technology is crucial for moving from small-scale prototypes to large-scale, market-ready products.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862092.

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