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Open Call Project
Pioneering Dynamic Single-Molecule Research with LUMICKS' Advanced Microfluidic Solutions

Advancing Single-Molecule Research with Dynamic Microfluidic Solutions

LUMICKS' flagship product, the C-Trap optical tweezers platform, exemplifies innovation in single-molecule research. This versatile platform integrates optical tweezers, fluorescence imaging, and microfluidics, allowing researchers to observe and quantify molecular interactions in real-time. Imagine the capability to manipulate a single DNA strand and observe protein interactions along its length as they happen – this is the precision and detail that the C-Trap offers to academia and the biotech/pharma sectors.

LUMICKS’ Special Approach

LUMICKS distinguishes itself through its focus on ease of use and high throughput. The integration of state-of-the-art optical tweezers and imaging technology with sophisticated microfluidics enables researchers to conduct 10 to 100 times more interactions per day compared to traditional instruments. Beyond optimizing DNA-protein workflows, LUMICKS is enhancing compatibility and throughput for mechanobiology experiments. Their tools precisely control and monitor molecular forces, providing vital insights into how mechanical forces influence cellular behavior and disease mechanisms. The C-Trap is not just an instrument; it's a portal to explore uncharted territories in molecular biology.

Revolutionizing Molecular Research

We are proud to partner with LUMICKS, leveraging our microfluidic expertise to complement their vision. Together, we are developing optimized mechanobiology flow cells for the C-Trap, designed for high throughput and consistency, crucial for groundbreaking scientific discoveries. This collaboration aims to enhance workflows for live cell measurements and push the boundaries of cellular research.

Image of the LUMICKS C-Trap optical tweezers platform integrated with microfluidic technology - won Funding from the NextGenMicrofluidics Prohect handeled by the Microfluidics Innovation Hub.

Develop a high-throughput mechanobiology flow cell for the C-Trap.
Provide precise, real-time monitoring of molecular interactions.
Enhance compatibility and ease of use with existing research workflows.


Technical Management: Oversight of microfluidic flow cell design, ensuring optimal performance and integration.
Sensor and System Development: Creation of high-sensitivity systems for detailed monitoring and data collection.
Fluidic-Sensor Interface Simulation: Computational simulations to optimize sensor placement and enhance workflow efficiency.
Flow Cell Design and Testing: Development and rigorous testing of flow cells to ensure high throughput and reliability.


Integration of advanced microfluidics and optical technology.
High sensitivity and specificity in measuring molecular forces.
Seamless integration with existing research setups and workflows.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

  • Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH): Providing expertise and support in microfluidics to complement LUMICKS' efforts.

  • ibidi GmbH (IBI): Responsible for project management, injection molding of parts, post-processing, bonding, surface modification, and packaging.

  • Bionic Surface Technologies GmbH (BST): Engaged in design optimization via simulation, multiphase simulation, and validation of flow behavior in the microfluidic chips.

Partners Involved

Explore More

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey in advancing single-molecule research with LUMICKS' innovative microfluidic solutions. Explore how we are bringing the microscopic world into sharper focus and uncovering the complexities of life at the molecular level.

Services and Technologies

LUMICKS' collaboration with MIH focuses on optimizing mechanobiology flow cells for the C-Trap. Together, we are pushing the boundaries of single-molecule and cellular research.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862092.

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