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Open Call Project
Revolutionizing Bacterial Detection - SensipDx Lab-on-a-Cartridge Technology

Transforming Bacterial Detection with SensipDx's Lab-on-a-Cartridge Technology

SensipDx, in collaboration with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), is at the forefront of a new era in bacterial detection. This partnership is developing an innovative lab-on-a-cartridge system designed to provide rapid, accurate, and on-site bacterial diagnostics. This technology promises to revolutionize how bacterial detection is conducted across various industries, including food safety and healthcare.

The Challenge with Traditional Methods

Conventional bacterial detection methods, such as plate-counting, are often slow and require off-site processing. These delays can be particularly problematic in critical sectors like food safety, where timely and accurate results are essential to prevent health risks and ensure quality control. SensipDx aims to overcome these limitations with its advanced lab-on-a-cartridge technology.

SensipDx's Innovative Approach

SensipDx's lab-on-a-cartridge system incorporates advanced Surface-Imprinted Polymers (SIPs) and Thermal Wave Transfer Analysis (TWTA) to achieve high sensitivity and specificity in bacterial detection. The compact and user-friendly design integrates these technologies into a single-use cartridge, enabling:

  • High Sensitivity and Specificity: Capable of detecting various bacterial strains with precision.

  • Differentiation Between Live and Dead Bacteria: Ensuring accurate assessments of bacterial viability.

  • Efficient Processing of Complex Samples: Suitable for use with diverse sample types, including milk, juice, and blood.

SensipDx's lab-on-a-cartridge device is a miniaturized laboratory encapsulated in a user-friendly cartridge. This design ensures that the bacterial detection process is seamless, fast, and accurate, with the added benefit of cloud-based data analysis for swift results. The system's ease of use makes it accessible for a wide range of applications, from on-site food testing to clinical diagnostics.

SensipDx’s lab-on-a-cartridge technology

Explore the future of bacterial detection with SensipDx’s lab-on-a-cartridge technology! Contact us today to learn how our innovative solution can provide rapid and reliable bacterial diagnostics for your industry needs.

Illustration of SensipDx’s lab-on-a-cartridge device, showcasing its compact and efficient design for bacterial detection.

Develop a lab-on-a-cartridge system for rapid and accurate bacterial detection.
Optimize the performance and processing speed of the bacterial assays.
Enhance the system's multiplexing capabilities to detect multiple bacterial strains simultaneously.
Ensure cost-effective and scalable production of the cartridges.


Project Management and Communication: MIH coordinates and supports all project activities to ensure timely and efficient progress.
Flow Cell Design and Prototyping: BF leads the design and prototyping of integrated flow cells, providing assembly kits for testing.
Simulation and Testing: BST conducts simulations to optimize the flow cell design and validate its performance.
Manufacturing and Assembly: BF manages the prototyping and assembly of single-plex and multiplex flow cells and test cartridges.


High sensitivity and specificity for detecting various bacterial strains.
Ability to differentiate between live and dead bacteria in the samples.
Efficient and rapid processing of complex sample types like milk, juice, and blood.
User-friendly design that simplifies the detection process and integrates with cloud-based data analysis.

The Role of the #MIHfamily

  • Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH): Providing project management and oversight, ensuring seamless coordination and progress.

  • Bionic Surface Technologies GmbH (BST): Offering expertise in flow and thermal simulations to refine the design of the flow cell.

  • BiFlow (BF): Handling the design, research, prototyping, and manufacturing of flow cells and test cartridges.

Partners Involved

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Stay tuned as we continue to develop and refine SensipDx’s lab-on-a-cartridge system. Discover how our cutting-edge technology is transforming bacterial detection and paving the way for a bacteria-free future.

Services and Technologies

Together with the Microfluidics Innovation Hub (MIH), SensipDx is transforming bacterial detection. MIH’s expertise in project management, design, and simulation accelerates the development and deployment of SensipDx's cutting-edge lab-on-a-cartridge technology.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON 2020 research & innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862092.

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